Hero Kids – Fantasy Premium Adventure – 101 Koboldz

Publisher: Hero Forge Games“Where have my little salt miners gone? Curses! Wilfried, attend me! Find them, round them up, and throw them back into prison. I will teach them a lesson they won’t ever forget…” — Boris, the Evil Merchant Rivenshore—a home to young heroes and a village perpetually struck with disasters and strange occurrences. This time around, the culprit is a traveling merchant named Boris who arrives with a cart smack full of kobold hatchlings. They are to be sold off in the big city, destined to expand the sewers and work in the ill-famed salt mines. Costumed as a dragon, the merchant’s stooge Wilfried lured the young kobolds out of their homes and into the cart where the evil Boris trapped them. The adventure is presented to you by authors John Parker and Christian Eichhorn. You can contact me via mail (christian.eichhorn.dmg@gmail.com) or via Twitter (@squirrelgolem). What’s Inside?
This adventure includes 15 Encounters and 90 to 180 minutes of fun! Additionally, you will find 4 colored maps and 4 new items!
Requires Hero Kids and the Monster Compendium from Hero Forge Games. Distributed through the Hero Kids Creator’s Guild at DriveThruRPG. Price: $5.99
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Hero Kids – Fantasy Premium Adventure – 101 Koboldz

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