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Gunderholfen PDF Bundle [BUNDLE]

Publisher: G. Hawkins
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Bottomless Pit of ZorthRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: Multiple File Formats
Note: The “color print” format is a black-and-white book, but is printed on thicker, higher-quality paper than the standard black-and-white hardcover. “A seriously f*$d up 65 room dungeon that will present a strange, alien-like slime environment, the likes of which are seldom seen in an rpg adventure. Which is a good thing.” – Tenfootpole  This OSRIC/OSR adventure for level 3-5 characters can be run as a stand-alone or as part of the Gunderholfen and Darkness at Nekemte setting. It includes approximately 65 keyed locations + random site/event and encounter tables. It’s heavy on curious oddities; viscous oozes; and squishy, mutated monstrosities, with a healthy dose of push-the-red-button and see-what-happens interaction thrown in for good measure.  The Bottomless Pit of Zorth ha…

Darkness at NekemteRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: Multiple File Formats
“Rock solid little adventure. If most adventures were this good then I wouldn’t be reviewing adventures”. – Bryce Lynch, Deep in the fetid swamp lies abandoned Nekemte, ancient serpent man city of the Jade Empire and home to the royal house of Nekemte – cruel, tyrannical sorcerers and practitioners of necromancy, corrupted cultists of Yul. The great swamp consumed Nekemte following the fall of the Jade Empire, its buildings crumbling and falling into decay. Throughout the centures, terror of the sepent man sorcery hung over the ruins, and shadowy creatures stalked the crumbling edifices at night, feeding on the warmth of the living. A party of looters recently dared the ruins and stole into the lower tombs where they unearthed the Arimax Stone, an artifact of great …

GunderholfenRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: Watermarked PDF
Gunderholfen… Ancient, abandoned dwarf hold, battleground of arch-liches, cultist base, wizards’ playground, heroes’ bane and treasure-seekers’ tomb. Gunderholfen is a classic, old school exploratory sandbox-style mega-dungeon consisting of ten levels, a mini-campaign setting and one demi-plane. This mega-dungeon and mini-campaign setting is designed for character levels 1-10+. It is compatible with any OSR system. Play it as an integrated, complete mega-dungeon campaign or just pick out individual levels to run as separate dungeons. Gunderholfen includes the following: 10 main dungeon levels consisting of 22 sub-levels and numerous sub-areas, with approximately 930 keyed locations, all detailed in 40 maps. 1 demi-plane level. A mini-campaign setting insertable into any existing …

Gunderholfen Encounter PackRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: Watermarked PDF
The Gunderholfen Encounter Pack contains all of the random encounter tables, NPC lists and NPC parties for Gunderholfen reproduced within this separate file for ease of use during play. This product is not required to run Gunderholfen; all of the tables in here are contained within the main Gunderholfen text. This file is provided for GMs wishing to reference the encounter tables separately during play while viewing the main text. The Gunderholfen Encounter Pack may also be of interest to GMs wanting a set of ready-to-play encounter tables, especially for GMs looking for functional and diverse encounter tables to facilitate city-based adventures. This product contains 20 tables of pre-generated NPCs and NPC parties; dozens of different tables to run encounters in Longfelt City as well a…

Gunderholfen Map PackRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: Watermarked PDF
This Map Pack includes all of the maps for Gunderholfen, to be viewed separately for ease of use during play. It is not required to play Gunderholfen; the maps in this product are included in the Gunderholfen mega-dungeon product. They have been reproduced in this format for customers who have bought the print version and want to be able to view the maps, at the same time and separately, while referencing the main text. GMs who have not purchased Gunderholfen and want a set of ready-to-play maps, including maps for a city and campaign hex, may also be interested in this product. The Gunderholfen Map Pack includes 40 maps for each of Gunderholfen’s 10 dungeon levels, demi-plane, campaign hex and city of Longfelt. Other FES Publishers: First Edition Society  – publishers of OS…

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