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Gregorius21778: Drones You May See in The Sprawl

Publisher: Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778Drones. Walk around in the Sprawl for a day and you will see at least one or be seen by at least one. If you are looking for drones for SprawlGoons: Upgraded, you found the right PDF.

This is the wrap-up of a small series of articles from my blog. All is inspired by, based on and toys with material provided by SprawlGoons: Booster Pack and the system neutral Remote Control PDF; both released by Paul “Geist” Gallagher. I am not affiliated with him, but have his express permission for this release.

Eleven drones.
How to hack them.
What one might do with them after hijacking them.
How many Bit-Yuan it would cost to acquire one legally (if possible at all).
Ideas for the Referee. New toy for the Goons.
You do NOT need a copy of Remote Control.
:You DO need a copy of Sprawl Goons: Upgraded.
Price: $0.75
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