Publisher: Fire Ruby Designs
The Sepulchre Await…
The Golgotha. Even the names conjure images of wonder and great danger: the Paradox Spire, the Grove, the Resurrection Hive, the Delphia, the Glass Labyrinth…
Travel far beyond the bloated worlds of the inner machine planets, past the verdant and colourful pleasure worlds, past the worn out military rings where sanctioned wars rage endlessly, past even the fringe systems where separatists build their power, on into the outer dark where other races more ancient than humanity have long held sway, that is where the Golgotha lie. Ancient relics of long-dead empires, these mausoleums are riddled with countermeasures and deadly remains, not to mention bizarre alien species. Why would you choose to go there? Because Golgotha hold the secrets of unknown inhuman cultures within their echoing halls – ancient, lost technology that the Overseers, caretakers of the Human Sphere, mysteriously covet. Steal enough from the tombs and in exchange the Overseers will boost your body and mind, making you more than human, more than enough to complete your destiny.
How do you find a Golgotha? First, you need to acquire a star map – no easy feat unless you can persuade the Overseers to part with one. Once you have it, you must travel across the void using the fractures, the subspace network of cracks in space-time that allows faster than light travel. The Tomb Worlds lie at the fringe of known space where the fractures are hard to navigate, and where the risk of pirates awaiting your arrival is ever-present. Once you get there, the dangers are not over. The Golgotha lay hidden within the fringes of the Everwar, that vast and ancient conflict between the mysterious Erix Absolution and the powerful Concordant of Shelz. This area is off-limits to humans, so extreme care is a deadly necessity, and there remains a constant threat of discovery. Still, the potential reward is so great that Scavengers will readily risk the dangers of the void to make the journey.
You and your companions are on one of those vessels, a Portal Ship gliding down the tessellated streams of the fractureway, following esoteric directions on an ancient map. Soon the blue glow of the passage will crack, the stars will return, and you will be free to leave. As you move further in-system, the Golgotha fills the view plates. What waits within? Only time will tell.

Welcome to Golgotha…
Welcome to the future. Golgotha is a game of exploration and danger in mysterious, dead installations at the edges of humanity’s interstellar sphere. The players take on the roles of a crew of Scavengers who seek out, penetrate and rob these ancient lost structures, known collectively as the Golgotha. To those lucky enough to survive the risks, arifacts await – lost technology that the mysterious Overseers who rule the Human Sphere covet. Find something of value and in return the Overseers will boost your body, allowing you to fi nally seek that revenge you have always dreamed of…
Complete your destiny, or die trying.
An OSR game of exploration and discovery using the Black Hack.

Comments from the Kickstarter:

‘Wow, I am so in love with this quality project. First read through and I am enamoured’.
‘Art is amazing.’
‘Looks fantastic, and I’m loving reading through the PDF and its sample Golgotha. Thanks for giving us backers a chance to submit them. The small changes made to my submissions are a real improvement and make them more cohesive. Also really blown away by the artwork, it’s awesome.’
‘It looks great!’
‘Looks great! Congratulations on another fine game!’
Price: $12.58
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