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Publisher: People In GamesThere comes a point in a young goblin’s life…

“Alright, you little kneebiters, listen up! This will be your thirteenth summer—hey, put that down! Are you even listening? Anyway, so this will be your thirteenth summer—what? It means you’re 13 years old. Well, I didn’t want to say it that way! Thirteenth summer is more dramatic! It is too! Look, do you want a smack upside the head—THAT’S IT! WE’RE SHIPPING YOU OFF TO SUMMER CAMP!!”

Every year, young goblins on the verge of adulthood are sent from their homes to participate in a grueling coming of age ritual: Summer Camp. In Goblin Camp, player characters are kneebiters, young goblins on the edge of adulthood seeking to make a name for themselves. They spend their summer as campers, training for adulthood and proving themselves: building fires, hunting dinner, learning skills, defeating monsters, stealing valuable stuff, roasting marshmallows, singing songs—you know, the usual camp stuff.

Camp isn’t for the faint of heart. Monsters, orc warbands, witches, and the dreaded adventuring parties roam the woods. Those who survive and return are acknowledged as adult goblins, ready to take their place in the tribe. Those who do not return…well, at least you don’t have to worry about singing songs any more.

Goblin Camp is a rules-light, skill-based game, designed to be easy to learn and simple to play. All you need to play is some paper, pens, and either coins to flip or dice to roll. In addition to character generation and rules, this book also contains several adventures, as well as a map, monsters, NPCs, and ideas to make your own adventures. Price: $0.00
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