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Ghost Gun, a Score Forged in the Dark

Publisher: Dungeon RoguesGhost Gun is a Score created as an introduction to the Blades in the Dark game. This Score offers multiple paths to Payoff and goals based on the Crew’s specialty.What’s going on?

A Captain has recently overstepped, stolen a specially crafted firearm, and caused a great deal of offense to a powerful gang. Depending on the Crew’s reputation, they will be given one of several possible jobs to get even.
This score leans into the Crew’s specialty, offering multiple objectives and payoffs.

What’s included?NPCs. A cast of 6 NPCs to add to your game. Rooms. Scene setting locations within the Captain’s home where an auction for stolen property is going on.
Flexible Payoff Objectives. Objectives are based on the Crew’s specialty, so the different objectives are catered to their game style.Price: $3.99
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