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Five Leagues from the Borderlands 2nd Editio

Publisher: Nordic Weasel Games
Welcome to the edge of civilization, where brigands rule and where the shadows are long.
In tiny villages, people huddle in fear as terrors prowl the night.
Out here, your word is as good as your sword and nobody will miss you.

Five Leagues From the Borderlands is a set of solo miniatures rules for fantasy campaign games.

Taking inspiration from gritty “medieval-fantasy” like The Black Company and Harn, this is a world of brutal combat and ever-present danger.

With a handful of miniature figures, your dice and these rules, you can adventure in the war-torn Borderlands, fight tactical battles against evil and maybe even  get a few coins in the process.
Your characters will advance as you go along, find loot and might even make it to the end.

Five Leagues is a descendent of the Five Parsecs series of games, offering a game experience written specifically for Solo Players:
That means that all the mechanics you need are built right into the rules, instead of being an afterthought stuffed in the back of the book.
We’ve aimed to make the mechanics simple and straight-forward, to make it easier and quicker to play on your own.
And the adventure and encounter tables will do pretty much all the set-up for you, allowing you to just sit down with your dice and have an adventure. 

* * *

Please be advised this is a tactical game: You will need miniatures, tokens, markers or something else to represent your characters in combat.

A typical battle will have 8-10 figures on each side.

You get a full campaign game to play through, tackling different threats and watching your story unfold.

* * *
What is new in this Second Edition?


The new version has been polished and improved, tidying up the rules, getting rid of excessive dice rolling and improving the pacing of the campaign game.
In addition we’ve added:

Difficulty settings for players who want more or less challenge.

An Unusual background table for your characters.
Monsters from ogres to dragons. And a random monster generator.
Village events.

Encounters are far more varied: Enemy strengths and flaws, leadership figures, unusual battle conditions (from fighting in the rain to haunted terrain) and each type of Threat now has its own unique encounter table. Many enemies also have special rules now, to make them more unique.

Multiple options for tailoring a long term campaign, such as “new game plus” options and large-scale campaign events such as holy crusades, rat-men invasions or the literal end of days!

Tons of new items to find, including magical weapons, potions and scrolls.

And much MUCH more.Price: $15.99
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