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Fenrilik Miscellany [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Onyx Path PublishingThis special bundle product contains the following titles.Death at DjurmivikkaRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: Multiple File Formats The city of Kovokimru is the center of civilization on the dangerous arctic continent of Fenrilik. Aside from access to a wealth of local resources, Fenrilik controls the only reliable, permanent bridge across the Tobor Gorge. This means that travel and commerce from the western portion of the continent is performed at the whim and under the control of Kovokimru. Many settlements in the west resent this arrangement, especially the lumber-producing industry in Juroj.
Death at Djurmivikka is a short adventure for 4-6 characters of levels 3-5 that introduces this conflict through an act of sabotage in the largest inn in Kovokimru. As the adventurers prepare for an evening’s rest, the patrons of the inn are trapped inside and attacked by monstrous, soul-eating undead.
For use with Frostla…Cavern at the ObeliskRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: Multiple File Formats Cavern at the Obelisk is a Scarred Lands adventure for 4-6 characters of levels 4-6, set in the northern continent of Fenrilik. At the eastern village of Vorudislav, the adventurers are commissioned by a local logger who was expecting a shipment of wollahogs from the Ivanov farm, a day’s journey to the north west. As the adventurers head toward out in the direction of the farm, they discover a terrible fate that befell Jonas Ivanov and his hogs…and a sleeping threat to the people of Vorudislav.
Cavern at the Obelisk includes:
A complete adventure set in the logging vilage of Vorudislav.
Six reeady-made characters, included in the module pages and presented as editable pdfs.
Maps for print-and-play, or VTT
An art-free version of the indesign files for community creator use and refer…Friends and Foes of the FrostlandsRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF Friends and Foes of the Frostlands is a gallery of NPCs hailing from the continent of Fenrilik in the Scarred Lands, from humble tavern-keepers to archmages and assassins.

In these pages you will find 27 NPCs from the different regions of Fenrilik, including the city of Kovokimru and the icy caverns under the continent. Some are heroes, some are villains, and some could be either depending on their interactions with the players. Adventure hooks are provided for each of these characters to better integrate them in your game, as well as new spells, magic items and poisons.

For use with Frostlands of Fenrilik

This product is written as a collaboration between different Scarred Lands authors and Slarecian Vault contributors, including several authors of the Frostlands of Fenrilik s…Frost ApesRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF This document presents a new playable race in Fenrilik, the ondar or frost apes, exiled on the Frostlands by Chardun at the end of the Divine War….Frostlands of Fenrilik: Yenie’s JournalRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF Created by writers from Frostlands of Fenrilik, this book triples the size of Yenie Koneru’s Fenrilik travelogue from that book, adding more observations and covering new areas. In addition, you get:
A detailed map of Kovokimru.
Statistics and detailed description for Yenie Koneru, Lwazi of Leoni, and Pitzo the ice walker.
New true rituals, as documented by Yenie.
New spells from Yenie’s anthropologist’s toolkit, including the indispensable endure elements and Yenie’s favorite, create coffee.
Enrich your understanding of Scarn’s coldest continent. Increase your store of useful NPCs. Make coffee!

…Mysteries of FenrilikRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF Mysteries buried beneath the ice!

Discover 5 subclasses from the frozen wasteland of Fenrilik and explore its unknown history. Fight against the skerrai tyrants as a Liberator barbarian, soar through the sky as a druid from the Circle of the Phoenix, or navigate a hidden network of caves and tunnels as a Stoneseeker ranger. Channel ancient powers best left untouched as an Elusive rogue, or listen to the eldricht whispers of the Imprisoned, archmages forever trapped in an arcane prison. Each of these subclasses explore and build upon Fenrilik’s lore and ancient history, and could make the players be at the center of significant changes in the Roof of the World!

For use with Frostlands of Fenrilik….Not the Common ColdRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF A Disease Compendium for the Scarred Lands
Not the Common Cold presents 20 new diseases raging on the continent of Fenrilik, from the mundane and the benign to the most terrifying and deadliest. Examples of diseases include:
– The brittlecurse, which slowly transforms its victims into statues of ice.
– The lush fever, a viral lung disease brought from a distant continent by exiles from the Divine War.
– The oceanpox, which causes parasitic eggs to burst from the skin of the victim.
– The whiterage, which forces beasts and men to attack one another in violent fits of rage.
Each disease has multiple stages, and their effect progressively worsen with time when they are left untreated. In addition, indications are provided on how these diseases impact the Fenriliki culture and society. …Shadows AwakeningRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF Shadows Awakening
An adventure for 4th-5th level characters set on the continent of Fenrilik.
Something stirs in the shadow. A couple of eschek lumberjacks have disappeared, taken away by shadowy creatures. Following them, the party discovers a cave of untold splendors, a lush jungle buzzing with life, from snakes, apes, and insects to colorful and fragrant flowers. A disciple of the darkness lies below, torturing the poor escheks for a mysterious master.
For use with Frostlands of Fenrilik, or in any 5E fantasy setting….Total value:0Special bundle price:0Savings of:0 (25%)Price: $25.25
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