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Dungeon Generator: Sci-Fi Corridors and Rooms 3

Publisher: The Black Fortress

Create a sprawling intergalactic expanse of corridors and rooms to send your Adventure Party into the dangers of Deep Space!
A simple but effective Science Fiction themed Random Dungeon Generator for virtually all contemporary or OSR Roleplaying Systems (such as Dungeons and Dragons, Tunnels and Trolls, Four Against Mars and Hero Kids: Space Adventures). All that is needed are a print/PDF of the Generator, two different coloured 6-sided dice, pencil, and squared paper: roll the dice, compare the result with the Generator table and draw the corresponding spaceship/station corridor or room. The more you roll, the bigger the ship or station, making the Generator suitable for extensive planned adventures or for the creation of a on the fly Side Quest/Mission. Add any elements you like – Doors, Traps, Wandering or Fixed Monsters – in accordance with your preferred adventure theme and/or RPG System. This Product features 4 different rooms – Cargo Storage, Armoury, Control Bay and Data Analysis Hub, all adding new locations and sites of interest for your Sci-Fi themed Dungeon.
Due to the random nature of the dice rolls, no two Space Ships/Stations will be the same, allowing you to create an infinite number of these locations with just this one Generator.
Also included with this Generator is a ready-made Space Ship/Station Map created using the system itself for you to use in adventures alongside those you generate yourself. Two products for the price of one!
The Generator is provided as an A4 PDF and has been designed in greyscale to save on printer ink. Detailed instructions and an example roll are explained on the Generator itself.
This product is fully compatible with our other Sci-Fi Dungeon Generators, allowing you to mix the Generators to create even bigger and more complex Sci-Fi dungeons! The links for these Generators are below, in the text Footer.
Further Science Fiction Generators are planned and will be fully compatible with this Generator, allowing you to combine Generators and build increasingly complex and infinite Space Ships/Stations, all tailored to your chosen gaming system and needs.
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