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Direhold Acropolis

Publisher: Momentous Maps

 Direhold Acropolis is a printable tile set compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game.

IMPORTANT! This product is a subset of ‘The Rooms of Castle Direhold’ tileset (which can be found HERE.)
Please do not buy this PDF if you purchased ‘The Rooms of Castle Direhold’ as you will already own the room tiles in this set.

The Tiles
Direhold Acropolis consists of a 300dpi PDF that contains 4 floor tiles. The large 8″ X 10″ tiles use the maximum print area on each page. Its vibrant art style has been designed with the gameplay experience in mind, allowing the player to view the tiles with maximum clarity. 
This PDF combines the unique detail and individuality of a bespoke battle map with the re-usability of a traditional modular map set.

Customize the content in the PDF file with layers and buttons before you print:
All of the map tiles give you the ability to turn on and off walls, doors and the furniture in each individual room.
Also included is a ZIP file of 15 JPG files resized to 140dpi (1 inch=140px) for Virtual Table Top gaming.

Price: $1.99
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