Deeds Undone – Those Who Linger

Publisher: White WolfWait! I’m not done yet!
Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone ~Pablo Picasso
Despite the Dictum Mortem, the Restless cannot leave the world of the Quick alone.  Passions and Fetters bind the dead, chaining them across the Shroud, and – for some – provide a short leash that makes a mockery of the ‘freedom’ of death.  For some Wraiths, the temptation to interact with the living is greater than the threat of a Hierarchy forge.  Haunting the living may be as benign as fulfilling the role of guardian angel, or as confronting as unveiling new nightmares and torments upon the Quick. 
Within this book you will find those souls who staunchly refuse to move on and leave their mortal cares behind.  From the victims of fame-seeking parents, owners of a hotel rented to the Quick and the Dead alike, and an artistic serial killer who wants notoriety, the five hauntings provide inspiration for NPCs, scenarios, and character development.  Storytellers may also find the ideas useful for other World of Darkness™ games by positioning the player-characters as the victims of haunting, rather than investigating from the Shadowlands.
Deeds Undone includes:
Five stories concerning those who have ongoing business with the Quick, featuring stories from depraved offerings, to family betrayal, lighthouse-keeping and the art of killing, the tyranny of memory, and The Blue Man
NPC details for each story, including the major Passions that drive their incorporeal state
Ideas to help integrate the stories into your chronicle
 Price: $2.76
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