Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing20 years ago, Green Ronin made a name for itself with Death in Freeport, a d20 System adventure released at GenCon the same day as the 3E PHB. It went on to win the very first ENnie Award and the Origins Award for Best RPG Adventure. Return to those halcyon days with this 20th Anniversary Edition of Death in Freeport, now updated to the 5E rules!
Chris Pramas—the designer of the AD&D Guide to Hell, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2E, and Fantasy AGE—created the city of Freeport for this classic adventure for low-level characters. Add urban sprawl, pirates, and a touch of cosmic horror to your campaign with the City of Adventure! The book also includes brand new 5E rules support, such as the Valor domain for clerics, the Buccaneer archetype for fighters, and the Serpentkin origin for sorcerers.
Death in Freeport has already kicked off thousands of campaigns. Be part of the legend with the 20th Anniversary Edition! Price: $7.95
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