Curses: Ring of the Ghostly Choir and Egil’s Magnificent (5E)

Publisher: LPJ DesignCursed items have long been a staple of fantasy stories and games. Whether a magical ring that turns its wearer invisible (and has a mind of its own) or a sentient sword capable of drinking souls, such items pose a difficult question for the story’s protagonist: do they wield the item for its power in spite of the trouble and grief it inevitably brings? Unfortunately with most such relics, accepting the power all but requires accepting the curse. Once the character gives in to this Faustian bargain, they cannot later change their decision. In fantasy adventure games, a cursed item typically reveals its curse as an unpleasant surprise. Assuming the character survives this discovery, one remove curse spell allows them to ditch the item and forget it. This process can reduce the cursed item to little more than a one-shot “gotcha” designed to make life difficult for the character for a short time. What if the cursed item offered sufficient benefit to entice the character into keeping it in spite of its downside, such that they do not seek a remove curse? Here are two cursed items from Egil’s collection. The first, the ring of the ghostly choir, gave Egil access to the ghosts of long-deceased bards. The other item, Egil’s magnificent wardrobe, helped the great bard to take on any acting role, albeit at a cost to her sanity.Price: $1.79
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Curses: Ring of the Ghostly Choir and Egil’s Magnificent (5E)

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