Crystal Caverns of the Four Enchanters

Publisher: Free League Publishing

A band of robbers, goblins, whiners, and a bear have taken up residence in a network of caves originally created by four enchanters. The enchanters bound a demon to the caves as a guardian and created a garden of crystals that now grows wild and spreads like a plague. The memory of the enchanters still haunts the caves as they left behind strange magical effects. At the bottom of the caves, adventurers have the chance to win a deed that gives them ownership of a fortress.

The scenario can lead adventurers to the ownership of a fortress, or it can lead them to unleash a crystal plague that turns people, creatures, and land into crystal growth.

This adventure is a Torch & Key production written for Forbidden Lands.

Crystal Caverns of the Four EnchantersPrice: $4.95

Crystal Caverns of the Four Enchanters

Crystal Caverns of the Four Enchanters

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