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Creature Art – Corrupted Summoning – RPG Stock Art

Publisher: John Latta Art”The demon fidgeted momentarily, sloughing layers of sub-abyssal run-off across the summoning chamber , and tapped their staff on the stone floor – the foot of the staff activated, lighting up a wicked green. The demon stared for a moment at the summoner, who winced from its gaze, and with their mouth locked in an unmoving grin slowly clicked out a telepathic pattern onto the stone floor, into the unfortunate summoner’s brain, who scrambled to keep his wits. The language wasn’t spoken, but appeared in written form in the common tongue.”4.25 inches by 5.5 inches, single use, color art in PNG format, (transparent background, 300 DPI).

John Latta

John is a professional artist whose work has appeared in various projects for independent publishers and authors across DMsGuild, DTRPG and other places; Cawood Publishing (The Wizard Higgs, The Rogue Knight, Treasured Finds, Adventures in Myrr Bundle, Myrr 5E Bundle 1), Alan Patrick (D&D AL modules: Complete Saga of the Worm Bundle, Escape From Wheloon), Joe Raso (Great Dale Compendium), Jeremy Esch (Temple of Rot), and Caley McCready (open-beta TTRPG setting

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