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Cover Art – The Formless Spawn

Publisher: Hampus Flink

Retro-style horror cover in the Lovecraftian vein, featuring an unfortunate adventurer faced with an Eldritch horror.
The image is a lossless PNG measuring 2700×4050 pixels, suitable for printing at 9×13.5″ @ 300 dpi.
Please read the terms and conditions below before purchasing.

By licensing the artwork from me, Hampus Flink, I grant you the one time, non-exclusive right to use this artwork in a first edition product, either commercial or personal, along with advertising for said product, under the following conditions:
You must credit me as the creator of the artwork, either by including a credit next to the artwork, or by naming me as a contributor in your credits section, if available.
You may not sublicense, lease or re-sell the artwork, nor transfer this license to any third party.
You may not redistribute the artwork in any way except as part of the product for which this license is granted, along with advertisement for said product. You may not use the artwork for merchandising, nor to advertise anything except the aforementioned product.
You may not use the artwork as part of a logo, trademark or service mark.
You may not decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or use the artwork for AI training.
You may not use the artwork for NFTs.
You may modify the image by cropping, resizing or adjusting color values to make it more suitable for print or digital publication, as long as all other terms and conditions in this agreement are respected. If these modifications render my signature illegible, you must include a copyright notice with my name next to the image.
I will retain full copyright over the image, with special permissions granted to you in accordance to the above terms and conditions.
If you fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement, this agreement will be automatically voided and terminated.
By licensing the artwork, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed with the above.Price: $20.00
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