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Publisher: Random Alien Games
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Free SpacerRegular price: $20.00Bundle price: $20.00Format: PDF
Free Spacer // a sandbox starship tabletop RPG Adventure. Investigation. Science! Your crew hustles to complete jobs in a sector-wide cold war. Free Spacer is a sandbox science fiction game about a crew of a commissioned starship in a quadrant wide cold war. There is exploration, trade, investigation, space combat, science projects, infiltration, and troubleshooting. We play to find out how the crew gets the job done, the choices they make, the rules they break, and the lengths they will go for their patrons. Features Free Spacer is a roleplaying game with distinct features for science fiction roleplaying, inspired by Cowboy Bebop, Dark Matter, Farscape, Firefly, Killjoys, Switchblade Honey, or the works of Heinlein. True Sci-fi// At its core, the game has a t…

Free Spacer Sector ArchivesRegular price: $10.00Bundle price: $10.00Format: PDF
Sector Archives// Setting and Gamemaster prep material for Free Spacer Setting. Contract. Preparation! Free Spacer is a contemporary science fiction tabletop roleplaying game. It leverages the newest space sciences, takes into account biotechnology, and brings the internet to the rim of the quadrant. This game is a sandbox that enables you to create your own setting and mange the ongoing Cold War in your own sector after the Exploration Wars. The Sector Archives is a booklet of prepared setting and campaign materials. It has everything you need to start your campaign with little additional prep. Every archive includes setting materials, a beginning contract, and all the locations and characters you need to run those scenarios. Some have additional worlds, settlements, and contract…

Free Spacer Game ResourcesRegular price: $0.00Bundle price: $0.00Format: PDF
The sheets for the Free Spacer RPG are now available free to everyone. This is the release version of the sheets needed to play the sandbox starship tabletop RPG after the successful Kickstarter. Details Setting sheets// Present these to your players stapled together or on your Roll20 page with all the setting info you come up with together. This includes the Sector Map & Log, Faction sheets for your three Societies, the event table & timeline, and the species log. Character sheets// The ship sheet is a double-sided sheet that you share as a group. Together your group creates a ship that acts as your group template, spaceflight tools, and home. The crew sheet is a double-sided that you use to record all your choices and track everything you need to play. Contract// Pr…

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