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Character Art – Winged Herald – RPG Stock Art

Publisher: John Latta Art”This isn’t an aasimar – this is a deva.””What’s the difference?””I don’t know that I want to find out.”4.25 inches by 5.5 inches, single use, color character art in PNG format, (transparent background, 300 DPI).

John Latta
John is a professional artist whose work has appeared in various projects for independent publishers and authors across DMsGuild, DTRPG and other places; Cawood Publishing (The Wizard Higgs, The Rogue Knight, Treasured Finds, Adventures in Myrr Bundle, Myrr 5E Bundle), Alan Patrick (D&D AL modules: Complete Saga of the Worm Bundle, Escape From Wheloon), Joe Raso (Great Dale Compendium, Rashemen Campaign Guide), Jeremy Esch (Temple of Rot), and Caley McCready (open-beta TTRPG setting

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