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Character Art – Abyssal Captain of Asmodeus – RPG Stock Art

Publisher: John Latta Art”An eager participant in the Blood War, this tiefling captain of Asmodeus has made it their business to use whatever powers at their disposal to defeat demon-spawn – including bathing in Abyssal sludge. The captain’s skin is now a putrescent cloud of coalesced smoke and underneath that, their skeletal structure glows a pulsating green. The captain can expand their smoke-skin at will, unfurling a ruinous noxious cloud that curdles even the most savage demon’s blood.”4.25 inches by 5.5 inches, single use, color character art in PNG format, (transparent background, 300 DPI).

John Latta
John is a professional artist whose work has appeared in various projects for independent publishers and authors across DMsGuild, DTRPG and other places; Cawood Publishing (The Wizard Higgs, The Rogue Knight, Treasured Finds, Adventures in Myrr Bundle, Myrr 5E Bundle), Alan Patrick (D&D AL modules: Complete Saga of the Worm Bundle, Escape From Wheloon), Joe Raso (Great Dale Compendium, Rashemen Campaign Guide), Jeremy Esch (Temple of Rot), and Caley McCready (open-beta TTRPG setting

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