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CAL2 Calidar On Wings of Darkness

Publisher: Calidar PublishingA 132 pg. Gazetteer packed with info about a realm of wizards and demons for use with any RPG.

Remember the Voyage of the Princess Ark episodes from Dragon Magazine? Along the same general idea, “On Wings of Darkness” blends a new skyship episode in a 132 pg. geographic Gazetteer packed with info about a realm of wizards and demons. The following chapters follow the introductory short story:
History of Caldwen:  This chapter covers the origins of the magiocracy, from its ancient time on Munaan, a moon of Calidar, to present-day Caldwen. Includes a summary and a huge timeline of events.
Lay of the Land: Geography, climate, local culture, main cults and races, economy, regional peculiarities, and local dynamics combine to depict each province separately.
Intrigues of the Magi: Internal politics, government by academia, and the military overlaid upon rivalries among the wizardly aristocracy and the sorcerous hoi-polloi give the magiocracy a unique character. 
Behind the curtains: Discover the odd brotherhoods and secret sects working from the shadows, scheming to make an already-challenging setting even more perilous.
A Cast of Many: A host of political figures, academic personalities, and curious individuals populate these pages. They are presented here, with game stats, motivations, secrets, and connections galore.
Master & Servant: A nation where demons serve the spellcasting class, local laws, and tools of lordship are presented alongside a who’s who of Caldwen’s most notorious demons.
Beasties in the Dark: Some of the more curious creatures dwelling in Caldwen populate this section, complete with stats and illustrations, beckoning game referees to summon them during their adventures.
At the Heart of Magic:  Discover Caldwen’s schools of magic and how their benefits, tuition, philosophies, diplomas, and campus rivalries influence the fabric of the entire magiocracy.
Secrets of the Cabals: Private guilds provide alternate career paths in the fields of Alchemy, Demonology, Dracology, Elementalism, Necromancy, and Skymastery, with deadly trials and fabulous powers.
Blood of the World Soul: An order of mage-knights concerns itself with a mystical source of raw magical power forbidden to all but Caldwen’s aristocracy. Though potent, it is deadly if abused.
Sky City of Arcanial: The capital city is a wondrous place flying above a sprawling shanty town on the ground. Packed with encounter ideas, each district requires flying gondolas and teleporters to reach.

Other contents are availble with this book: PG2 Players’ Guide to Caldwen and up to seven fold-up maps providing players’ and referees’ views of the land and the capital city. Though the fold-up maps aren’t absolutely indispensable, they are useful to keep within reach when reading the gazetteer or the players’ guide. The maps are available at a discount when bundled (although printer limitations prevent books and maps to be combined as a single purchase–sorry). Later this year, around winter of 2019-2020, CA2 “Adventures in Caldwen” will also become available, a 64 pg. booklet supporting adventuring in the realm described in CAL2. All three books and the fold-up maps were fully funded through Kickstarter. Keep an ear to the ground for further fund raisers. Thanks!Price: $8.50
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