CAL2 Caldwen Referees’ Map

Publisher: Calidar PublishingThis poster map is for use with CAL2 Calidar “On Wings of Darkness,” a 132 pg. gazetteer describing a magiocracy.
This 12″ x 18″ poster map represents the magiocracy of Caldwen. It is rendered in artful yet realistic, topographical style created by cartographer Thorfinn Tait. This referee-only version provides additional information compared with the players’ map. The latter version available separately is presented in classical hex grid format. Both feature hundreds of geographic labels and a locator index to find them on the map.Excerpt from the Gazetteer: “Much of the magiocracy lies cradled between the two principal ranges, the Arm of the Magus and the Caldwen Shield forming a wall with Osriel. Tall, steep, and with deep, narrow valleys, these young formations hold glaciers and turbulent torrents. Icy-cold lakes commonly dot the highlands, with quiet, remote villages clinging to their banks.
            “More than two-thirds of Caldwen’s borders are coasts, most of which face or connect with the dangerous waters of the Eastern Calderan Sea Ring. Islands abound along this coast, many of which are uninhabited. A lace-like shoreline features countless coves, bays, and sounds offering deep, well-protected anchorages.
            “The Ice Spine isthmus links Caldwen to Nordheim, largely impassable save for mule paths perched on cliffs overlooking fjord-like shores. Mountain wilderness covers a great deal of the realm, separating narrow coastal plains from the great Valley of Arafor in the center. The richest and most fertile region rings the Lake of Whispers in the south. The vast majority of the population resides along an axis including Anzael, Incubael, Arcanial, and Abyzael. Protected by the magiocracy’s laws, large, uninhabited forests often lie between settled lands and mountain foothills, as if they were meant as natural barriers. One may wonder whether they keep commoners away from wizardly estates in the highlands, or if they hide something else entirely.
            “Much of the mountain and hill areas are off limits to commoners. Private estates owned by Caldwen’s wizardly aristocracy occupy the high ground as well as some areas beneath the surface of the Witch’s Cauldron. It is unlawful to trespass without written invitations or work permits. Loitering near these estates will prompt armed patrols to investigate and send interlopers away. This practice is in force throughout the entire magiocracy, and it is well known to the common population.
            “The most important waterways are the Mazuzel River in the south and the Arafor in Central Caldwen. Minor rivers are typically limited to flat-bottom barges and Norse-style longships. Too shallow or rocky beyond the first village, these waterways are unnavigable if no village is shown on the map.”
Why do I need this?  Although the collection of 7 poster maps isn’t absolutely indispensable to enjoy the gazetteer, they are invaluable when kept within reach, while reading the core reference guide and PG2, its associated players guide. Having these maps handy makes all the difference when actually running the game, as they provide convenient handouts. Imagine trying to describe this city to players verbally, without handouts. Good luck!Price: $4.95
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