CAL1 Soltan Ephemeris

Publisher: Calidar PublishingThis poster is for use with CAL1 Calidar “In Stranger Skies,” a 132 pg. gazetteer describing the world of Calidar and the Kingdom of Meryath.
This 12″ x 18″ poster displays the planets and moons forming the center point of Calidar’s Universe: Soltan’s Ephemeris. Soltan is the sun around which three worlds and their moons gravitate. Though not to scale, the image shows the general appearance and relative sizes of the three planet and their moons. It is a beautiful rendition by Cartographer Thorfinn Tait. The landscape-format image is printed on thick, semi-gloss paper stock and folded vertically across the center. It is mailed in a bubble-lined padded mailer, usually with stiff cardboard sheets included to prevent bending or folding.Excerpt from the Gazetteer: “The second and largest planet from Soltan is roughly comparable to our Earth, as regards its size (about 27,000 miles in its circumference, or 43,200 km) and its seasons. It travels around Soltan in 360 days. Its land masses benefit from a variety of terrain separated by large seas covering slightly less than two-thirds of the surface. From a distance, this planet appears mostly blue, marbled with green and brown. Three inhabited satellites gravitate nearby: Alorea, Kragdûr, and Munaan. The first two are closest and remain on opposite sides of their mother world, taking twenty-eight Calidaran days to travel around it. Munaan lies farther out and completes its orbit in forty-two days. All three moons fully rotate in twenty-four Calidaran hours.”
Why do I need this?  …you don’t, but why wouldn’t you acquire it anyway, since it is so cool? The author mounted this poster on the outside of his game master’s screen. It looks great and perfectly appropriate when running a spacefaring campaign game focused on skyships, Calidar’s main theme. Price: $4.95
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