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Bordeaux by Night – Storytellers Guide

Publisher: White Wolf
The second tome of Bordeaux by Night is here, and it’s massive!
Dig deep into all of the dirty terrible secrets of all characters. Who is lying about their clan? Who is the scourge of the land and must be disposed of? Who’s death was faked? What will your players discover? 
The Secrets are now yours to use.

This book overall is edition neutral, but its lore is closer to Revised era books (gangrel leaving the Camarilla…) while its feel and ambiance is 1st or 2nd edition (Behind closed doors personal and political horror). The heavily modified layout is 2nd edition.

Wine and blood come in many flavors, and in Bordeaux, it is often sweet and sour.
Known for its wine and architecture, Bordeaux hides many facets in its cellars. Open this Storytellers Guide for Bordeaux and find out all of the terribe horrors behind the Kindred court for a political and personal horror story.
Bordeaux by Night includes:
A detailed kindred local history and descriptions of places and their plots;
Folklore and other stories of the city, that can be used for deep dive campaigns;
Individual backgrounds for each NPCs with their perception and knowledge of the historical events;
NPC genealogies, agendas and how to play them;
Non-Kindred supernatural characters and their involvements in theordeal and how they would approach the PCs and why;
Charts of the different positions of kindred, and their relations to those important to them;
Story starters and leads;
A detailed index and influence details;
And more!

The 204 pages long book does NOT contain the character sheets of the NPCs, they will be added as a zip file to the product. They were not included as to not clutter the already dense material.

Art cover by Santiago Pinilla Alvarez (carajuelo)
Opening comic by Miles Rahman (theeldestsun on tumblr)Price: $19.99
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