Publisher: The Logbook ProjectContent Warnings: Death, Sex, Seduction/Manipulation, Food/Hunger, Domination
Blood/Lust is a 2-player game of gothic horror and romance, about a vampire and a human who fall in love (or lust). An intimate and inevitably tragic game, Blood/Lust is about temptation, indulgence, sex,death, and transgression. 
The game is heavily inspired by a French short story from 1836 called La Morte Amoureuse, about a vampire who seduces a priest. As I discuss on the Details page at the end of the game, this inspiration drove me to explore the space of Vampires as embodiments of indulgence and temptation, rather than the more directly predatory demon-figures of Dracula or Carmilla. The game is also gender-neutral throughout, allowing any combination of romantic connection you might want to play.

The game is a mechanical relative of another of my games, TITAN/child, taking the base engine and adjusting it to have branching paths and a simplified rolling mechanic. It’s a deep tonal and genre departure for the engine, which gives me confidence in the engine’s flexibility. Check that game out too!
This game was originally designed for my Patreon, and is available in my Patreon Backlog, a collection of all of my Patreon games. The backlog can be accessed for a mere $10 per month.Price: $7.00
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