Blood and Doom Primer PDF Bundle

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Enter the realm of Athyr, a world of high adventure and unparalleled danger where ancient ruins hold untold secrets and dark prophecies whisper of impending doom. Hidden in the shadows, twelve vile cults are spreading their corrupting influence throughout the world. In tombs veiled by the sands of time and lairs hidden from prying eyes, these unsavory groups worship the twelve extradimensional entities known as the Heralds of Doom. And should one of these loathsome beings claw its way to Athyr’s surface, the fate of its people will be sealed.

Yet amidst the gathering darkness, there are those who seek to unveil the secrets of Athyr’s forgotten past, to unravel the ominous prophecies whispered by trembling sages, and to navigate the labyrinthine web of treachery that threatens to corrupt the very fabric of society. In an age of Blood and Doom, they are there to confront the rising tide of corruption, to battle and oppose the cults and monsters that threaten Athyr’s very existence.

Will you rise up to meet this challenge? Enter a world of both tremendous wonder, and unparalleled danger… 

A Brand-New Dark Fantasy Tabletop RPG

Blood and Doom is a brand-new dark fantasy TTRPG that invites you to explore Athyr’s seven realms, from the vast and parched deserts of Ethennia to the treacherous jungles of Ishta, teeming with primordial beasts. And as you venture forth, be warned – arcane energies from other planes pulse through the land, unleashing unspeakable horrors upon those who dare tread its path.

In Blood and Doom, you’ll find mechanics that fuel fast-paced, cinematic gameplay, yet stay true to the gritty essence of life and death on Athyr. Unearth the nefarious plots that lurk in ancient ruins and long-forgotten tombs. Foil the twisted machinations of humans and creatures alike. Arm yourself with steel and sorcery to confront the rising tide of monsters that threaten this world’s very existence. Heed the omens and portents that foretell of impending doom, lest the darkness swallow you whole.

Award-Winning Creative Team

From a creative team that includes some of the ENnie Award-winning writers for games such as RuneQuest, Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, Star Trek Adventures, Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, Champions, HERO System, The One Ring and many more comes the new dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game Blood and Doom.

Included in This Bundle

In this huge bundle, you will find three Primer books totaling over 500 pages, each of them a fully playable excerpt of the Blood and Doom core books. With two free adventures coming as well, the Primers are a great way to start playing Blood and Doom before its Kickstarter campaign launches on April 4, 2023.

The Blood and Doom Primer Bundle includes:

–          Core Rulebook Primer – The Core Rulebook Primer is a gateway to a world of adventure, where heroes are forged in the fires of battle and legends are born. Within its pages lies all the knowledge needed to take up arms and join the fray, with rules that will guide you through every step of your journey. Choose from eight character Archetypes, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. But that is only the beginning, as you can customize your Character even further, tailoring them to your individual playstyle. Combine that with a multitude of Traits, Powers, Spells, weapons, armor types, and more, and the possibilities for your character’s growth and development are nearly limitless.

–          Doomsayer’s Codex Primer: Guide to Athyr – The known world is a tapestry woven of many colors, each region a unique and wondrous realm to behold. But fear not, dear traveler, for this Primer shall guide you on a journey through the vibrant realms of Ethennia and Ishta, their wonders and perils laid bare for your discovery.

–          Doomsayer’s Codex Primer: The Twelve Pillars of Doom – Twelve cults, each steeped in the foul worship of one of the Heralds of Doom, loom like a shadow over the world. Their twisted rites and depraved practices are whispered of in hushed tones by those few who are aware of their existence. And now, in this tome of dark secrets, we unveil the mysteries of both the Yiukashin, who pray to the fragmented monstrosity Dhaos, and the Sheddai, who craft Simulacra to find out where the Great Subjugator known as Lanesh, is being held prisoner by the gods.

–          Blood and Doom Soundtrack Sampler, several songs from the exhilarating score composed by none other than Knut Avenstroup Haugen (Dune: Awakening, Conan Exiles). Get a taste of the full soundtrack that can be unlocked during our crowdfunding campaign.

–          A Highly Detailed Map of Athyr that includes all seven regions in all their full-color glory.

This is version 1.0 of the bundle. During the next few weeks, we will also make available newly-edited versions of all Primers, 4 fully-detailed Pregenerated Characters and two entire adventures. Discover what is going on in the action-packed mystery investigation Faces of Evil, which is set in an Ethennian trade town, and hunt for ancient treasures in the hex crawl of The Seven Jewels of Azul-Ra, set in the jungles of Ishta! By downloading the current bundle, you’ll make sure that we will notify you as soon as this amazing new content becomes available.


Kickstarter Campaign

Check us out on Kickstarter to find out more and delve even deeper into the world of Blood and Doom. The final books will offer plenty of customization options, with nine customizable Classes and 18 Archetypes, over 350 Traits, Powers, and Spells, and more than 60 unique weapons. With hundreds of locations and NPCs, and dozens of quest hooks and rumors, Blood and Doom offers immersive gameplay and exciting operatic stories that are sure to keep your gaming group engaged for years to come.

Aside from an even more complete coverage of Istha and Ethennia, we will reveal the mysteries of Evandyr, a land of shattered feudal kingdoms and forgotten lore; the Islands of Roshan, a realm where the creatures of myth still roam the lands and where the Emperor is as enigmatic as any of these legendary beings; and The Sundered Wastes, where the very fabric of reality unravels and the boundaries between worlds blur.

So ready your mind and steel your resolve, for the adventures that lie ahead will test your mettle in ways you cannot yet fathom.

Blood and Doom Primer PDF BundlePrice: $0.00

Blood and Doom Primer PDF Bundle

Blood and Doom Primer PDF Bundle

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