Bandit Hideout Battlemaps & Scenery

Publisher: RPGSceneryThis scene was inspired by a personal experience I had while hiking, when we found a huge fissure next to a route. We climbed down and saw a similar sight to what you can see in this scene (except the buildings and the equipment of course). I immediately wondered what a good little hiding place could be created here.This package contains both battlemaps and sceneries to give you the full immersion in the locations that we create at RPGScenery
Each battlemap and scenery has five different variations (day, night, rainy, snowy, misc).
The grid size is 5*5 ft (140x140px)
The map size is 6720*3780
The resolution of a scenery image is 3840*2160
The extension is .jpg
Price: $4.99
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Bandit Hideout Battlemaps & Scenery

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