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Bad Day in Bedlam

Publisher: Plain Brown Wrapper GamesIt’s winter in Bedlam.  Dirty snow lies in heaps on every street corner, toasted black with exhaust fumes. 

The whole city is buried under the worst snow in years and none of the poor neighborhoods have gotten plowed.  The slums are on the brink of rioting and things are about to get worse. For a series of vicious crimes is about to shake the city to its core.  And the cover-up is going to set the frozen streets on fire.  And twelve rampaging supervillains are threatening to give Bedlam City a two-fisted Christmas (and a violent new year?)  It’s up to you to stop them, and it’s going to be a bad day in Bedlam if you can’t.

Ah, the Bronze Age of comics! When racism, poverty and injustice could be solved with a bash in the chops! 

In the spirit of these violently well-meaning comics from the days of yore, we bring you Bad Day in Bedlam.  This giant-sized, 212 page adventure gives us an unflinching look at racism, political corruption and their effects on ordinary people.  And it lets your players fix them with their fists! 

It gives you ten scenes, thirteen dastardly supervillains, dozens of supporting npcs from every walk of life!  Eleven knock-down, drag-out superbattles, enough to slake your players’ bloodthirst for months!  Plus trash-littered alleys, tormented angst, moral gray zones and at least two vigilantes who dress in black and brood in rooftops in the dark!  Are you ready to sock social injustice in the jaw and zap the Man with your laser-eyes?
Price: $4.95
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