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And the Bodies were Found the Next Morning

Publisher: Larcenous Designs, LLCWelcome to Camp Wosname!

Welcome, Counselors! We hope you’ll have a FUN and SAFE summer here at Camp Wosname! This welcome packet includes instructions for getting to know each other, and also learning a little about the TOTALLY not-real and in no way life threatening spooky history of our great Camp!
Once you get acquainted, the kids will arrive and the next four weeks will pass in a BLUR (or a montage?), and then you can have a fun last night together!
Tell the Gruesome Tale
Created for the 2022 PocketQuest “Summer Camp” Game Jam, And the Bodies were Found the Next Morning is a solo or cooperative roleplaying game designed for 1-3 players and no Game Master.
Recount the story of six unfortunate camp counselors on their last night before going home. The kids have all left and the counselors are set to enjoy their last night together when something starts hunting them. Killing them. Will anyone survive?
In a bit longer than it takes to watch one, write (and maybe roleplay in) a teen slasher film. Using this packet, a standard deck of playing cards, and a journal, you and up to two friends will create a monster, a group of desperate teens, and a gruesome tale of horror.
You Will Need1. This packet (ideally, printed double-sided on three pieces of 8.5″x11″ paper)2. A deck of playing cards (Jokers removed).3. Something to write in.4. The morbid desire to write or roleplay the horrific deaths of fictional teens. 

Price: $3.99
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