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All Roads Point South

Publisher: ChaosiumIn February 1925 a mysterious document was stolen from Yale University, the document refers to Cthulhu.  It was stolen by a cult with the intent to raise Cthulhu from his slumber.  The investigators must stop the cult.
You only need the Keeper’s Guide to play this scenario but it can be supplemented with other books if the Keeper feels that it is necessary.  Depending on how this scenario plays out, it can either be in the middle of a campaign or at the end; but as the player characters should already know each other it is not necessarily the best opening scenario in a campaign; and the very high likelihood of death does pose the risk of ending a campaign.  This scenario has the potential for disturbing content, though none is intentional and all is entirely optional at the Keeper’s discretion.

The date of 1925 is important as that is the year listed as the year R’lyeh rises.  Keepers should be familiar with the short story The Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft.

This scenario was written as part of the Storytelling CollectivePrice: $2.99
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