Age of Steel: Hunt for the Midnight Crow

Publisher: Isolation GamesSome things are better off lost…
Hunt for the Midnight Crow is an adventure for Age of Steel, set in the mysterious jungles of southern Kijani. Sent to find a legendary lost battleship rumoured to have been carrying a fortune in gold bullion, the player characters encounter more than they bargained for in the trackless wilderness.
This adventure is written to capture the action-adventure feel that Age of Steel is intended to embrace. It is a blend of investigation, interaction, a substantial dose of combat, and a dash of cosmic horror.
Hunt for the Midnight Crow is intended to be played as a Heroic level adventure with 3 to 5 player characters. A copy of the Age of Steel rulebook is required to play this adventure.Price: $6.34
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Age of Steel: Hunt for the Midnight Crow

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