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Age of Ambition: Fantasy Roleplaying in an Age of Promise or Peril

Publisher: Tab CreationsWelcome to a brave new age of promise or peril…

Age of Ambition is a fantasy roleplaying game set in a world rapidly leaving the traditional fantasy milieu behind, where magical and technological advancements are challenging the long-standing social order, and where the heroes help guide the world into a brave new era of promise or peril.
So strap on your breastplate and pick up your pistol. There are discoveries to make, wrongs to right, tyrants to overthrow and new social orders to trial.
Age of Ambition is a complete fantasy roleplaying game using the Saga Machine system. Its features include:
A lifepath character creation system, including birth omens, life events and careers that connect each character to the world at large.
A fully-realized fantasy setting, including social dynamics, history, magic, politics and plot hooks galore!
Support for a wide spectrum of power and influence, from peasant revolutionaries to the leaders of nations.
Systems for personal ambitions, influence, social change, bonds, magic, invention, combat, social status and more!

Information on the Corrected PDF and Print Release
This is the preliminary release of the Age of Ambition PDF. We will be collecting feedback on any typos or other issues that slipped through production, and sending out a corrected PDF to all buyers on May 28. Please let us know of any issues you find through our company contact page:
The print version of Age of Ambition will be released a couple weeks after the corrected PDF. Anyone who buys a PDF version now will receive the cost of the PDF as discount on the print book once it is available. Just make sure you have emails from Tab Creations turned on, as this is how the discount code will be delivered.Price: $19.99
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