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Adversaries Guards! – Token Pack

Publisher: ForgottenAdventures

Hey guys! Our next token pack is ready for you ^^ Guards won in our Patreon Poll – so here is the first batch!  We are planning on expanding these later on with different armor sets/styles. All tokens are in PNG format and DOUBLE our usual resolution (400dpi) just in case you need a bigger version (for example Enlarge spell) you wont lose any detail 🙂 This pack consists of Guards wielding 5 different weapons:
Sword & Board
+ Banner Carrier Each weapon set is available in 2 poses,  At Ease and Ready + Every token is available in 5 color variants!  For the total of 55 Tokens 🙂
You can get access to our constantly expanding library of TTRPG content (Hundreds of tokens, Mapmaking Assets and Tiles, Battlemaps and more!) by joining our Patreon | Forgotten Adventures.

Price: $4.99
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