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Advanced Mutant Companion: Revised (Mutant Future)

Publisher: A. Hagen

The ultimate Mutant Future supplement is back! The Advanced Mutant Companion is a collection of optional character creation and advancement rules. Enhance your characters with new mutations, races, feats and backgrounds!
The new Revised & Expand version of this book includes new content, a new layout, lots of fixes, and tons of groovy artwork!
This Book Includes
*83 new mutations! More physical, mental, and plant mutations, all organized into random tables with the original Mutant Future mutations.
*7 new races and 2 revised races! Be an alien, cyborg, neanderthal, or mutant insect. Pure humans and mutant animals are now more exciting too.
*100 backgrounds! The background system is a flexible skill system encouraging role playing and character development.
*20 feats! Gain fun features like pets, followers, holdings, and renown.
*New equipment rules! Buy from an expanded list of adventuring gear. Quickly generate random technological artifacts using a few simple charts.
*New advancement rules! Leveling up is more fun than ever!

Price: $6.99
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