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Advanced Fighting Fantasy Minis: Monsters IV

Publisher: Arion GamesThis Eighteenth set designed specifically for Advanced Fighting Fantasy provides you with even more monsters and enemies of Titan, once again, this is not an environment specific set.  As well as common creatures such as Greater Orcs, we also have rarer creatures such as the Marsh Hopper, Mik, Mungie and Nanka.


Offered as flat/A-frame style miniatures, these 15 hand drawn miniatures are bright and stylish and will enhance any tabletop game.  These figures are scaled the same as the rest of our range for full compatibility.

The full colour miniatures (now with illustrated backs!) are supplied in pdf and Powerpoint format to allow the easy creation of custom sheets and can be assembled as flat or A-frame miniatures depending on personal choice.


In this set:


1x        Greater Orc

1x        Living Corpse

1x        Lizard King

1x        Lizardine

1x        Marsh Hopper

1x        Messenger of Death

1x        Mik

1x        Mirror Demon

1x        Mungie

1x        Mutant Lizardman

1x        Nanka

1x        Two Headed Lizardman

1x        Leaf Beast

1x        Mucalytic

1x        Night Demon
2 page pdf (1 page of figures)Price: $2.50
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