A guide to Arueshai part 2

Publisher: Paul SpringsteenHere is a guide to Aruehsai part 2.  I tried to add addtional things and clarify things.  However if people don’t like a portion they just don’t have to use it.  As always this should basically be free unless the pricing thing doesn’t work the way I thought.  Although you could give me money if you want.
I might work on this in the future.  However for now I just want to start working on a novel so that I have something that I write everyday.  Please let me know your thoughts.  I just had a campaign setting in my mind so I decided to write it down.
Note that apparently I can’t write a novel set in this setting because it is still dnd and they don’t want novels apparently in other settings or at all.  So while I wanted to show the proper intrigue of the setting in novels I really can’t do that(well somewhere else than the capital I don’t think I have the skill to do intrgue there or the level that it would be at).Price: $0.50
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A guide to Arueshai part 2

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