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40×30 Battlemap – Council of the Gods

Publisher: Seafoot Games

Council of the Gods
If you’re a new GM worried about accidentally party-wiping your players, worry no more! This map and adventure provide a fun and in-game solution to bring them all back, without true scrolls of resurrection; saving face and having a fun-one shot in the meantime. 
When an adventure goes horribly wrong *cough* party wipe *cough*, your players wake up at the base of a staircase in the clouds. They meet with gods who tell them they’re dead, and must battle each of the god’s champions. Whichever god they lose to claims their soul for their realm. However, the gods will make a rare exception. Due to the groups unusually close bond, your players are allowed to fight together…
Should should their souls survive, the gods will deem their time has not yet come, after all, and they will all be resurrected somewhere safe. 
Download this battlemap and adventure for a great way to fix a party wipe and keep your friends happy! The map comes ready for both ungridded VTTs and gridded home (or professional) printing—so you can use it effortlessly, no matter how you prefer to run your sessions. 🙂
The map pack contains:
A home-printable, A4 .PDF of the gridded map at 300dpi, spread over several pages.
300dpi gridded map A0 .JPEG (pre-scaled for easy poster printing).
300dpi un-gridded map .JPEG for VTTs (super-high resolution and great for table TVs).
72dpi .JPEG of the un-gridded map for VTTs (low file size, fantastic for online VTTs).
A detailed adventure prompt .PDF, written just for this map!

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