100 Tavern Encounters for a Curious Adventurer

Publisher: Lucky Dice GamesWelcome to 100 Tavern Encounters for a Curious Adventurer – a colorful collection of slice of life vignettes of life and adventure in the lives of townsfolk and tavern workers.
You already know that in most fantasy campaigns your players will end up in a town or tavern between adventures. Rather than just have this portion of your campaign be nothing more than a check mark, a pause if you will, between two quests, why not liven it up and make it memorable?
Each of the 100 encounters is designed to add a bit of spice and mystery into what is frequently nothing more than a check mark in the larger story arc of your campaign – the tavern.
Don’t let it be that way for your players.
All it takes to go from blah to a memory talked about long after the game is over is a hook to get your group’s heart racing. For instance, if you throw the below encounter (item#16) at the players
While enjoying a rowdy drink with your fellow adventurers, you see several town guards rush into the tavern. Slinking into your chair – just in case – you are relieved as they march past you to a table were a young couple have been chatting quietly for a while. She is dressed in fine clothing. He is wearing the clothes of a poor dock worker. The guards approach. A few start to drag the woman away and others start putting cuffs on the man.
The woman is Alicia Redstone, the daughter of the richest merchant in town – Rennis Redstone. The man is Harris Blianscoot, a lowly dock worker at her fathers waterside warehouse. Needless to say, Rennis does not approve of this relationship.
Do the players try to intervene?
Do they ask questions after the two are dragged off?
If they learn the woman is the daughter of a rich merchant, do they approach him to offer to “handle” the problem?
As you can see, the answers to just a few simple questions turns this spectacle into something quite interesting for your group to investigate.
With 100 to choose from, you are sure to find many new and fun ways to challenge your gamers and get them out of the standard tavern experience rut!
So what are you waiting for?
Take any item on the list, apply a little imagination and let the adventure unfold.
May all your adventures be spectacular!Price: $0.99
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100 Tavern Encounters for a Curious Adventurer

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