100 Magical Bows, Axes, Clubs, and More for the Busy Game Master

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100 Magical Bows, Axes, Clubs, and More for the Busy Game Master

Publisher: Lucky Dice GamesWelcome to 100 Magical Bows, Axes, Clubs, and More for the Busy Game Master – a list of odd and unusual magical items built with a Bow, Axe, Club, or other weapons as its receptacle of power. Each piece in the list is a unique magic item with primary properties related to aspects of the particular weapon and wielder but can generally be repurposed for other activities or other devices with a bit of thought. An adventurer can use many items in the right situation to get an edge over a monster, trap, or other condition. Each item is built with a particular weapon at its core, but feel free to change the type of instrument to make it something your party members would appreciate better.

Each magical weapon detailed in this list has one or more fascinating abilities. As the game master, feel free to tinker with the items and change their type or magical abilities to fit the characters in your game world.

Take a bit of time to read each item in the list. Think of ways to make some of them a perfect fit for your game and the mix of player characters. Or drop them in as is to allow the players the excitement of finding a new and unusual bit of magic and deciding which player benefits from its capabilities the most. Many items require attunement to be used. Others do not. Each item that needs attunement states this fact in the description.
None of the weapons list an attack bonus to create maximum flexibility. It is left to the game master to decide if an attack bonus (+1, etc.) is an appropriate addition over and above its magical powers for any particular campaign or character.

Use this list to choose a random magic weapon by rolling a D100 (or 2 D10s) or actively choosing a particular item to fit a specific player’s character or game goal.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take any item on the list, apply a little imagination, and let the adventure unfold.

May all your adventures be spectacular!Price: $1.33
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