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Welcome to a whole new world of adventure! Modiphius Entertainment is bringing you a wide range of worlds to explore, including our own terrifying vision of World War Two – Achtung! Cthulhu, a roleplaying setting for Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds. We have re-booted the fantastic sci-fi dieselpunk world of Mutant Chronicles with the 3rd Edition of the roleplaying game

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2803, 2022

“So if we are here, then…”

March 28th, 2022|

By Ivan Sorensen   Greetings gamers.  With the pre-order of Five Leagues From the Borderlands going live, I thought I would talk a little bit about how the world map works, since it is one of the biggest new features and for many players creating a world map will be the first thing they do.  Now, you can make your world map any way you like, whether using a computer drawing program, any of the map making apps for RPG campaigns or simply using pen and paper. You could use even an existing map from an RPG or the real [...]

2303, 2022

Starbase Adventures

March 23rd, 2022|

By Tony Pi, STA Contributing Writer   Starbases are an essential part of the Star Trek universe, ports of call where starships are repaired, where their crews find rest, and where culture and cargo are traded, whether for latinum, credits, or barter. For ship-based campaigns in Star Trek Adventures, they can be leisurely pit stops between missions, backdrops for diplomatic and legal entanglements, or command centers and battlegrounds for interstellar conflicts. Beyond being points of interest along a voyage for a starship’s crew, a starbase has its own crew to keep things running. Deep Space Nine gave us an in-depth [...]

1803, 2022

Let’s Fly!

March 18th, 2022|

By Jim Johnson, STA Project Manager   In the fall of 2020, Modiphius Entertainment announced that we had secured the rights to create Star Trek Adventures material for both Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard. We immediately started to develop product plans to support these two series along with all the legacy series we already had available to us. Due to development schedules, the Player’s Guide and Gamemaster’s Guide were the first two products we produced that contained content related to these two series. I’m very excited to announce that the first crew pack for Star Trek: Discovery is now available, detailing the key characters from the landmark first season, [...]

1103, 2022

Fallout Friday March 2022

March 11th, 2022|

By Jon Webb   With the inevitability of finding a Brahmin on the roof of your settlement, #FalloutFriday has arrived once again Wastelanders. This month, Levi has returned to prove his scouting talents, keeping an eye on the community and alerting me to some of the highlights from the past few weeks. Thanks for the support Levi. Please do remember to tag your posts with the #FalloutFriday as well as send anything you think could be featured over to myself at so I can review and hopefully include in the future. 3D Printing Every Wastelander needs a safe place [...]

2006, 2019

Acclaimed neo-noir RPG City of Mist now in print!

June 20th, 2019|

​Modiphius Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of a raft of brand new print editions for Son of Oak's ENNIE award-winning City of Mist RPG, which allows you to hit the mean streets of a neo-noir city as a detective or vigilante with extraordinary superpowers. Geek and Sundry called it a "Pitch-perfect blend of superhero and noir tabletop RPG... The mechanics are simple yet INCREDIBLY robust." A new City of Mist MC Toolkit, Player's Guide, MC Screen and a Core Premium Slipcase Editionare all available as part of our City of Mist Collection on You can also buy the PDFs on and If you're new to the game of "Ordinary People, Extraordinary [...]

1906, 2019

Infinity: Cost of Greed a brand new adventure compendium for Corvus Belli’s awesome sci-fi RPG.

June 19th, 2019|

Infinity Cost of Greed RPG Infinity: Cost of Greed is available in print and PDF on  and in PDF only on Here are the details on this exciting new title: A chance discovery on Paradiso leads to the uncovering of a VoodooTech smuggling ring, with the clues leading to an intelligence agency or corporation. Follow the rabbit hole, follow the money, and the trail of breadcrumbs may soon provide clues to a plot that could put the whole Human Sphere at risk. Cost of Greed is a mini campaign of five non-linear adventures that provide the characters with a chance to [...]

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