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The Chaosium was founded by visionary game designer Greg Stafford in 1975. For more than forty years,
Chaosium has captivated gamers, readers and mythic adventurers worldwide. Its award-winning roleplaying
games, boardgames and fiction have been acclaimed as some of the most engaging and innovative of all time.

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1110, 2020

WeAreAllUs: Chaosium marks two years since the passing of Greg Stafford

October 11th, 2020|

It is two years since the passing of Chaosium company founder Greg Stafford. As one of the greatest game designers of all time; winner of too many awards to count; and a friend, mentor, guide, and inspiration to generations of gamers, “the Grand Shaman of Gaming” influenced the universe of tabletop gaming beyond measure, and we still feel his absence deeply.To honor Greg Stafford and with his family's blessing, over the next week on, we'll be making several special announcements commemorating Greg and his legacy. #WeAreAllUs

1010, 2020

Chaosium at Armageddon Auckland, Oct 23-26

October 10th, 2020|

Chaosium will be at Armageddon Expo in Covid-free Auckland, New Zealand later this month (Oct 23-26)! Our wonderful Cult of Chaos Keepers will be running demo games of Call of Cthulhu from our booth (#81) across the long weekend. If you're a Kiwi and want to try out tabletop roleplaying, come along and have some spooky fun!

710, 2020

Cthulhu Dark Ages actual play with the Spot Hidden Show – starts Oct 13

October 7th, 2020|

Coming up on Tuesday October 13th it's Cthulhu Dark Ages actual play with the Spot Hidden Show. Join Keeper London Carlisle and his doughty crew for their first Pulp Cthulhu campaign as they take on Cthulhu Dark Ages with sword, sorcery, and two fists!Watch on Twitch at 8PM EDT / 7PM PDT: the Spot Hidden on Twitter:

510, 2020

Miskatonic Monday: September and October community content releases

October 5th, 2020|

It's Miskatonic Monday again, and there have been plenty of new community content releases in the Miskatonic Repository since last time – check them out!Time of the SerpentMichael Diamond ($8.00, 60 page PDF plus 10 audio handouts)Time of the Serpent is set in the urban depths of 1920s Chicago. The investigators are quickly caught up in a grisly double murder at a local speakeasy called, The Kiss.With little time to act, the investigators must dive into the dark and blood-filled world of Chicago’s meat packing industry to determine who killed the two men and why. As the mud and muck grows, [...]

110, 2020

It’s ‘Cthulhuween’ 2020 at our Redbubble store for the whole of October

October 1st, 2020|

Julia, our 'merc of merch', has just declared 'Cthulhuween' for 2020. Throughout the month of October, she'll be adding a new piece of haunting artwork from our Call of Cthulhu RPG line to Chaosium's Redbubble merchandise store every day.As is appropriate we're going to start Cthulhuween Day One with Great Cthulhu himself, art by Sam Lofti:Check these out as t-shirts, wall-art, home decor, and more! :

3009, 2020

Casting a wide net: new RuneQuest creators and their work for The Pegasus Plateau

September 30th, 2020|

The Pegasus Plateau and Other Stories is Chaosium's newest release for RuneQuest. When putting together the design brief for The Pegasus Plateau, creative director Jason Durall decided he wanted a bring together a diverse group of contributors – including people new to Glorantha – to best spotlight the many different approaches to playing RuneQuest and in Glorantha. "I cast the net wide when it came to contributors: some people who I’d worked with on other game lines, some people who’d inquired about writing RuneQuest materials, and a few who submitted materials cold, with no query letter", says Jason.Here, some of those contributors introduce themselves, and [...]

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