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The Chaosium was founded by visionary game designer Greg Stafford in 1975. For more than forty years,
Chaosium has captivated gamers, readers and mythic adventurers worldwide. Its award-winning roleplaying
games, boardgames and fiction have been acclaimed as some of the most engaging and innovative of all time.

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412, 2021

All-star new players take on RuneQuest: now up on YouTube

December 4th, 2021|

Watch as Cynthia Marie, London Carlisle, Josephine McAdam, and Jess McDonell step into the world of RuneQuest for the very first time! GM Brian Holland leads an all-star guest cast of new RuneQuest players on their first step into Glorantha, ably assisted by the Stream of Chaos's James Coquillat.Get your own copy of the RuneQuest Starter Set today, and get ready to explore a world of Magic, Myth, and Might! USD $29.99, which includes the PDF version for free if you buy direct from

312, 2021

Shipping schedules for the holiday season Dec 2021 – Jan 2022

December 3rd, 2021|

On behalf of the whole Chaosium team, thank you for your support throughout a challenging 2021. We appreciate people buying direct. It has helped the company in these trying times.Despite the ongoing and unprecedented disruptions to supply chains, shipping movements and postal services world-wide, our fulfilment warehouses have done an excellent job getting our products to you! But they'll all be taking some well-deserved time off in the holiday season – here are their shipping schedules over the Christmas - New Year period.Also shown is the last day for orders to arrive by Christmas, but please be aware that postal delivery [...]

212, 2021

Journey to Jonstown #32: Six Seasons in Sartar is the first Jonstown Compendium title to attain Platinum Best Seller status!

December 2nd, 2021|

Congratulations to Andrew Logan Montgomery, whose Six Seasons in Sartar is the first Jonstown Compendium title to attain Platinum Best Seller status!Described as "one of the best RuneQuest adventures ever" (Shannon Appelcline) and "a superb treatment of community, myth, and tragedy in Glorantha [that&91; as a campaign starter has no equal" (Reviews from R'lyeh), Six Seasons in Sartar is available in PDF and POD formats at DriveThruRPG.The Company of the Dragon, Andrew's acclaimed sequel to Six Seasons in Sartar is also available in the Jonstown Compendium.Under the Jonstown Compendium community content license, fans of Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha can sell and share their own [...]

212, 2021

​Out of the Suitcase #26: Chaosium’s first Arthurian game – King Arthur’s Knights

December 2nd, 2021|

Chaosium President Rick Meints shares stories from a life-time as a collector of all things Chaosium.In late 1978 Chaosium published King Arthur's Knights by Greg Stafford. It was to be our sixth and final new board game for almost a decade (until Arkham Horror in 1987). For $9.95 you got a zip-lock bag that contained a poster map board, a 16-page rulebook, a sheet of standees, and 11 decks of tiny cards.I chatted with Greg about the game on a few occasions and his one power-gamer tip for the game was "don't take a wife". I thought he was joking [...]

3011, 2021

Journey to Jonstown #31 – “A best practice example of community content creation”

November 30th, 2021|

All four volumes of the best-selling Sandheart series of Sun County adventures for RuneQuest are now available in full colour print format at DriveThruRPG!Volume One: Tales of the Sun County MilitiaVolume Two: The Corn Dolls & Fortunate SunVolume Three: TraditionVolume Four: The God Skin & Mad PraxChaosium's Michael O'Brien (MOB) writes:"I was delighted to receive print copies of the final volume of the Sandheart series today (Vol 4), featuring my scenario 'Mad Prax: Beyond Sun Dome'!The Sandheart series of Sun County adventures began as a one-person operation (Jonathan Webb), evolving into what I think is a best practice example of community [...]

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