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The Laundry is a role-playing game published by Cubicle 7 in 2010. The game is based on novelist Charles Stross's the Laundry Files series.


The Laundry is a game where agents have to deal with Lovecraftian outer gods and British bureaucracy at the same time.[1]:432

Publication history

Cubicle 7 used their Basic Role-Playing license to create The Laundry (2010), based on the Laundry Files series of novels by Charles Stross.[1]:432 The game was published in July 2010.[2]

Cubicle 7 subsequently published a number of supplements:[3]

  • Black Bag Jobs, a compilation of scenarios
  • The Agent's Handbook which develops the agents' characters and the internal procedures of the organization
  • The Mythos Dossiers, a compilation of in-game documents to use as play-aids and scenario seeds
  • License To Summon, which give more details on the various forms of sorcery in the game universe
  • God Game Black, which provides more information on the Sleeper's Plateau and how to introduce an eschaton menace in the game
  • Cultists Under The Bed gives more information on the working of various forms of sects and cultists, with several examples of organizations
  • Unconventional Diplomacy, a compilation of scenarios
  • Targets Of Acquisition, which provides dossiers of several occult artefacts
  • As Above, So Below, introduces rules for using special forces in the game and adding a political dimension to games. It also includes two new scenarios.

A GM screen was announced but was never released. Cubicle 7's licensing agreement with Chaosium expired by mutual agreement at the end of 2017.[4] In 2019 Cubicle 7 stated that the licensing issue would need to be resolved, or a new system introduced, before a revised edition could be published.[5]



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