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Pagan Publishing is a role-playing game publishing company founded by John Scott Tynes in 1990.[1] It began by publishing a Call of Cthulhu role-playing game fanzine, The Unspeakable Oath. In 1994, the company moved from Columbia, Missouri to Seattle, Washington where it incorporated. The staff at this time included John Tynes as editor-in-chief, John H. Crowe III as business manager, Dennis Detwiller as art director, and and as editors. Tynes, Detwiller and Adam Scott Glancy released the Delta Green modern Call of Cthulhu campaign setting in 1996. Pagan has released many other Call of Cthulhu products, including a foray into card games with Creatures & Cultists and miniature games with .

Pagan is currently based in Seattle, Washington and comprises Adam Scott Glancy as business manager and John H. Crowe III and as editors. It continues to occasionally produce Call of Cthulhu books as well as non-gaming fiction and non-fiction under the Armitage House imprint.


Pagan Publishing was founded in 1990 in Columbia, Missouri by the 19-year-old John Tynes, who had a love for the work of H.P. Lovecraft and Robert Chambers.[2]:244 The company got going with the magazine The Unspeakable Oath, with issue #1 (December 1990) as a digest-sized quarterly full of Call of Cthulhu material.[2]:244 Dennis Detwiller joined the company because of the magazine, after he saw The Unspeakable Oath #3 (Summer 1991), got into touch with Tynes and thereafter started volunteering at the company.[2]:244 Pagan Publishing published compilations of material from their magazine, including: Courting Madness (1992), an anthology of The Unspeakable Oath material; Creatures & Cultists (1992), a reprint of a card game that appeared in The Unspeakable Oath #4 (Fall 1991); and The Weapons Compendium (1993), which contained weapon stats from The Unspeakable Oath and new ones as well.[2]:245


Call of Cthulhu Supplements

Delta Green

  • Delta Green (February 1, 1997), the basic sourcebook; ISBN 1-887797-08-4.
  • Delta Green: Countdown (1999), the 2000s sourcebook, by John Tynes, Dennis Detwiller and Adam Scott Glancy, ISBN 1-887797-12-2.
  • Delta Green Eyes Only Volume 1: Machinations of the Mi-go ISBN 1-887797-13-0.
  • Delta Green Eyes Only Volume 2: The Fate.
  • Delta Green Eyes Only Volume 3: Project Rainbow ISBN 1-887797-21-1.
  • See No Evil (Unspeakable Oath 16/17)
  • Delta Green (May 2007), the basic sourcebook with dual BRP/D20 stats; ISBN 1-887797-23-8.
  • Delta Green: Eyes Only (November 2007), a compilation of the Eyes Only chapbooks with additional material; ISBN 1-887797-27-0.


  • Delta Green: Alien Intelligence (Tynes Cowan Corp, March 1998), short stories collection, ISBN 1-887797-09-2.
  • Delta Green: Dark Theatres (Armitage House, 1999), short stories collection, ISBN 1-887797-17-3.
  • Delta Green: The Rules of Engagement (Tynes Cowan Corp, 2000), novel by John Tynes, ISBN 1-887797-16-5.
  • Delta Green: Denied to the Enemy (Impressions, 2003), novel by Dennis Detwiller, ISBN 1-887797-24-6.
  • The King in Yellow (Armitage House, 2006), play by , ISBN 1-4116-8576-8.

Other Games

  • The Hills Rise Wild miniature game
  • Creatures & Cultists card game


  • A Cthulhu Mythos Bibliography & Concordance


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