A House for the Empire

By Aaron M. Pollyea, STA Contributing WriterArt by Paolo Puggioni   I’ve found that writing adventures for Klingons to be an enjoyable challenge. On one hand, I need to keep the tone of honor, conflict, and that general smoky atmosphere we see on every Klingon starship bridge. On the other side, it’s easy because it’s … Read more

More Than Just 3d6, Game Design With Fragged Empire 2

By Wade Dyer   The “core resolution mechanic” is a fundamental element of all TTRPGs, as they not only determine the outcome of in-game actions by both Players and Game Masters, but also influence the vibe of a game and will be its most frequently utilised game rule. They range from the well-known d20 of … Read more

Birth of Grimnir

By Brent Knowles   When I was invited to write a book for Arcanum Worlds, I was both delighted and wary. After all, their first major venture, Odyssey of the Dragonlords, was so popular and well-received that I worried about being able to build a worthy successor. Though I had written numerous personal campaigns throughout the years, … Read more

Modiphius Errata and FAQ Update

By Dom Westerland Art by Edouard Groult   At Modiphius, we’re changing up how we tackle FAQs and erratas. To do this, we’re implementing a new feedback form that will include our most popular titles after their release and beyond. You can find the form here. Feedback Form   For those of you who have helped … Read more

2d20 Basics

By Georgie R.   You’ll have seen over Modiphius Entertainment’s social media channels and newsletters that our newest game is due to be released: Dreams and Machines! For those who have not played games with this system before, you might be wondering “What is the 2d20 System?” The 2d20 System is a cinematic RPG ruleset … Read more

Fallout Friday November 17th

By April Hill   Happy Fallout Friday everyone! We hope you all had a blast of a time celebrating Reclamation Day and the Great War this year. Let’s keep the celebrations going with a look at what Fallout goodies we dropped for you this month as well as a look at some new entries for … Read more

Cold War

By Gareth-Michael Skarka, STA Contributing WriterArt by Tobias Richter   I’m an old Trekkie. I was introduced to the show by my uncles, during the first wave of syndication of the original series in the early 1970s. I loved The Animated Series. I was 10 years old when The Motion Picture first hit screens and … Read more

The Species of Fragged Empire 2

By Wade Dyer   “Your genetically engineered people are just now returning to the stars to usher in the dawn of a new age. Now is the time to reconnect with other forgotten species, explore war-torn worlds, combat ancient threats and forge new frontiers.” Fragged Empire is a post-post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting where your people are just now … Read more


By Jim Johnson, STA Project Manager   The fourth season Star Trek: Lower Decks episode “A Few Badgeys More” brings back fan favorites Peanut Hamper, AGIMUS, and the ever-entertaining Badgey. We included Peanut Hamper in the Lower Decks Season 2 crew pack and AGIMUS appears in the Lower Decks Campaign Guide. To complete the trifecta of … Read more


By Jim Johnson, STA Project Manager   When Star Trek Adventures launched in 2017, we produced a limited number of Khan Noonien Singh miniatures that were given out at conventions in support of the new game release. When we released the premium Borg Cube box set, we included three special miniatures: a Borg Queen, Lore, … Read more