Fallout Friday March 17th

By Gregoire Boisbelaud  This is Adepticon Time! Hello Vault Dwellers, from March 22nd to 26th,  it is time to open the doors and scour the mutated lands of Schaumburg Illinois! Adepticon 2023 is upon us and, O, do we have some fun scheduled for you! Apart from our obvious presence in the exhibit hall with … Read more

Diving Eight Layers Deep

By Michael Dismuke, STA Contributor Art by Cryptic Studios   What sets “Eight Layers Deep” apart from any other Star Trek Adventures standalone you may have picked up? Simply put, the concept. Admittedly, it is very difficult to come up with a sci-fi concept that has not been done in some form or fashion, and … Read more

Anyway, as I was saying….

By Gavin Dady   Hello Friends. It’s been a while since the last blog update, so there’s a few things to cover off. Core Rulebook Update The update to the core rulebook exists! It’s been through layout and internal review. We’ve got a bunch or re-edits to do to it to correct typos and style … Read more

Fallout Friday February 10th

By Jon Webb   February has arrived and the STL release this month is part of a wider topic that I’ve been wanting to discuss for some time as it will impact the Fallout Wasteland Warfare line going forward. It’s usually best to rip off the plaster (or band aid to our American players), so … Read more

How Does the Homeworld Board Game Play

By Samantha Webb   Welcome to Fleet Command Homeworld Fleet Command brings the control of the Kushan and Taiidan fleets to your tabletop. Command the Kushan survivors as they try to return to their home of Hiigara, or lead the Taiidan imperial forces as they try to destroy the Kushan before they become a threat to … Read more

Did You Wish For a Nuclear Winter?

By Samantha Webb   We take our first look at the Fallout tabletop RPG campaign book Winter of Atom It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a Fallout tabletop RPG fan, as we get closer to the release of Winter of Atom, our campaign book for the Fallout roleplaying game. As the author of both the … Read more

RTG and Open Gaming + Black Chrome Sneak Peek Mark 2

We’ve got a lot to share today so we’re going to try to be organized and tackle this in order. If you’re here for the Black Chrome Sneak Peek, you can skip to the middle of this post. First, though, we’ve got a statement from RTG’s bosses on Open Gaming and Community-made content. Hello, everyone! … Read more

Cyberpunk RED Alert: Core Books and January DLC

Morning, choombas! First, some news. As we noted earlier, we’re currently out of stock of the Cyberpunk RED core rulebook (in physical format) and it seems most stores are as well. We’re working on a reprint but we don’t have an ETA quite yet. As soon as we do, we’ll let folks know. We know … Read more

Black Chrome Peek Mark 1

Hey, choombas! As we reported last week, Black Chrome is off to the printers and we’re hoping to see it up for sale starting towards the end of February/March! Between now and then, though, we thought we’d share some sneak peeks into what you’ll find inside. For our first peek, we’ll give you a summary … Read more